Saturday, February 5, 2011

The World Is Run By A Code (EXCLUSIVE)

By Cairo Mars

Those who run the world run it by a code. That code, as described by the economic theorist Herbert Spencer and the biologist Charles Darwin, is the survival of the fittest. Only the strong survive. And the strongest will be the ultimate survivor. That strength, however, is never solely physical. Baby Doc Duvalier, the tyrant who controlled Haiti with an iron fist for decades up until the coup that ran him off into asylum in France, has landed back in Haiti and is allowed to walk as a free man. They say that criminals often return to the scene of the crime, but the real perpetrators and sponsors of chaos, terror, and human rights violations in nations like Haiti have never left, though. Our own government, at the behest of multinational corporations, and with the collusion of the other Western superpowers, ensures that the poor people of the world who live in so-called third world nations never rise up out of their misery. They are coddled with meager charity funding, the bulk of which goes into the pockets of corrupt officials, and saddled with predatory IMF and World bank loans. We invade and decimate nations under the guise of liberation from so-called terrorists, while we fund brutal dictatorships that provide us with access to their vast reserves of natural resources. And we continue to preach about democracy and freedom.

Now we see the citizens of our allied nation of Egypt rising up against their despot who’s ruled them for thirty years. The stark lies about Africa, Carribbean nations, and Middle eastern nations being barren and bereft of any real wealth aside from sugar cane, bananas, spices and a few pockets of diamonds, gold, and oil get blared constantly through the western media. The truth is the exact opposite. These nations are replete with fossil fuels, precious gems, and rare earths, which are precious metals that are used to power our cell phones, laptops, flat screens, cars, and airplanes. Without access to these resources, much of our modern Western lifestyle would grind to a screeching halt.What most of the leaders of these nations ask for is an equitably negotiated compensation deal that’ll benefit the people of their societies, or no deal at all. But we don’t play fair, and we don’t believe we should have to pay for what we can just take. This is classic kleptocratic ideology.

What we have isn’t just military might, it’s scientific and technological superiority as well as the power of a corrupt activist media that serves the corporate agenda with the goal of suppressing our consciousness and our ability to think rationally as opposed to emotionally. We as a people have fallen into a state of somnambulism. We’re sleepwalking, numbed to the facts regarding the realities of our government’s corrupt allegiance to corporate America by the very media entities that profit from this allegiance. So instead of a spotlight investigation of Monsanto and its sale of genetically modified seeds to African nations that render the farmland inarable after their use, necessitating a constant replenishing of these same toxic seeds, we get in-depth interviews with Snookie and the Situation.

How many Americans are aware of “The Project For A New American Century”? It’s a conservative Republican think-tank that produced a treatise back in 1999 titled “Restoring America’s Forces”, in which they detailed the steps that America needed to take in order to re-establish military and financial dominance in the new millenium. They proposed the invasion of Middle eastern nations such as Iraq and Iran with the goal of deposing their regimes and controlling their oil supply. They advocated the creation of U.S. Space Forces, which would be the fifth faction of our armed services. And most insidiously, they advised that weather modification technology be used as a weapon of war. This means that the technology devised by the pacifist and progressive scientist Nikola Tesla 100 years ago to provide free electricity to all people through the harnessing of electrons in the atmosphere and the ionosphere, should now be used to create earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning strikes, and tsunamis in the theater of war to provide U.S. forces with full spectrum dominance. They stated that in order for this plan to be executed, a “Pearl Harbor type event” must occur, which would rile up the public and garner sufficient support for a “war on terror”. What most Americans don’t know is that Haiti, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have massive reserves of untapped oil, natural gas and those very crucial rare earths that power our technology, with Afghanistan also having the world’s greatest poppy field supply. You do the math.

What Americans are unaware of as well is that the Statue of Liberty actually represents Queen Semiramis, also known as Columbia, who was a goddess worshipped in ancient Babylon and ever since by members of the secret societies and ruling families of the world. The rays that crown her head symbolize her illumination and spiritual power. The torch she holds represents the light of knowledge that only the privileged few obtain and use to rule the oblivious masses. Knowledge truly is power. And if those in power keep those they rule in the dark, then they can get away with almost anything. We can point fingers and weapons at nations that we deem terrorist, while we act like the illest thug on the block. And just like any true gangsta, we don’t take no for an answer. So when you see us coming, lock your doors and hide your jewels. Or stand up and speak the truth.

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