Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Fallacy of White Supremacy

By Neyo Webster

White supremacy is unscientific despite the efforts of disillusioned researchers who seek to prove otherwise. Without getting into all of the pseudo-science, I will share my observations.

White supremacy is founded on lies, distortion of historical facts, obfuscation of geo-anthroplogical data, and political jingoism. White supremacy is founded on fear: fear of history proving that western white civilization is the by-product of black civilization. Were it not for the intelligence quotient of blacks in antiquity: the long and infuential legacy of black civilizations such as Babylonia(Mesopotamia), Cush, Egypt, the Harrapans (a black civilization in India), up to the Moors we would have no white western civilization.

It was the Moors who brought civilization to Europe. They brought Europe out of the Dark Ages. The Moors were the seminal component of Europe's Renaissance and Enlightenment eras. The black Moors (not black from the sun, but black by birth) brought civilization to Spain, a country they occupied for 800 years. This is what they brought: science, the arts, advancements in medicine, philosophy, religion, mathematics (they were masters of algebra, etc.), and even the use of soap. The white Europeans had no knowledge of soap, let alone how to use it. It was the Moors who taught them. Even the Roman emperor Julius Caesar was amazed at how the Britons were running around half-naked and repulsed by water. Had it not been for the demise of black Moorish civilization, we would be 400 years more advanced than we are now in in the so-called "post-modern" era of civilization and understanding. How does that fare on the Bell Curve?

It amazes me how the pseudo-scientists make stereotypical generalizations without consulting history. Whether or not a black man has athletic prowess or a white man demostrates academic or some scientific ability in the 21st century is inconsequential to the testimony of history and and how she speaks through archaeology, religion, philosophy, etc.

It is a historic fact, that the cradle of linguistic advancement came through Cush, a black African civilization now known as Ethiopia. The Cushitic alphabet formed the foundation of the Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Roman, and British alphabet and language systems. We owe our international language systems to Cush, a son of black Ham, whom the white Talmudists say was cursed, which is contrary to the the true Biblical account recorded in Genesis.

In fact God endowed the sons of Ham to be progenitors of the civilizations that would form the foundations of the so-called great western civilizations we have today.

Blacks in the United States of America, at large, have been dispossessed of social and political power through institutional racism imposed upon them by the white (fundamentally Zionist) power structure. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s in America was thoroughly infiltrated by Zionist, socialistic Jews, resutling in a failure for Blacks to come into self-realization as say the Italians and Irish after them. Ironically every ethnic group has substantially benefited from the civil rights struggle but the Black. The Civil Rights movement was a failure with integration furthering weakening the American black man's knowledge of himself and his God. Tell the average black in America that Jesus is a Black Northeast African Hebrew and he will lynch you, the white man will not have to do it. One might say, "You're being racist!" And to that statement I would say, "Any form of black racism or sense of superiority is a reaction to white supremacist subjugation. The Black Power movement of the late 1960s in America was a reactionist movement to the entrenched white institutional racism that still exists in the States.

Even whites are the victims of white supremacy. Within the pecking order they are given the top position but over him is the Ashkenazi Jew. The Ashkenazi Jew will hire a white more quickly over a black to work in his company, thus givng the white a false sense of smug superiority, when in reality he himself is also a slave to the Jewish master.

The most sophisticated form of white supremacy is Zionism, which is fundamentally criminal. Zionists oppress the Ethiopian Jews, who have for the most part become political pawns for Israel. Even though the Falashas possess an older form of Judaism then the Ashkenazim (the Eastern European Jews), they (the Falashim, inappropriately called "black Jews") are treated as second-class citizens, not too mention their continued genocide of the Palestinians whose ancestors lived there (Eretz Cana, or Land of Canaan) for at least two thousand years before the Israeli/Zionist occupation, now fully funded by the United States government. The U.S. is Israel's whore.

Even so-called "African-Americans" (another political invention) who express an interest in Judaism are seen as converts, when they (the African-Americans) see it as a return to their original way of life. There were ancient West African Jewish kingdoms in existence long before the Khazars converted in 740 A.D. It is alleged that most African-Americans are of west African descent, a claim I no longer fully endorse. They full well could have come from other areas even as far east as the so-called "Middle East", which is really Northeast Africa, geographically. But getting back to the point at hand. Some of these west African Jewish kingdoms were the Black Jews of Angola known as the Bavumbu, the Ashanti Jews of Ghana, the Black Jews of Dahomey, West Africa, among others.

Rudolph Windsor in his pioneering and masterful work, From Babylon to Timbuktu , says, "It is a known fact that the Jews and Judaism were in Africa fifteen hundred years (my emphasis) before Islam and that everywhere the Arabs went the Jews were there." Windsor in the same book quotes a Dr. Allen Godbey, who had a working knowledge of black Jews in America, as saying, "These facts have peculiar significance when the presence of Judaism among American Negroes is to be considered. Hundreds of thousands of slaves were brought to America from this Western Africa during the days of the traffic, beginning nearly four hundred years ago. (my emphasis) How much more of Judaism survived among West African Negroes in that earlier time? As persecuted communities, they were rather more in danger than other Negroes of being raided by war parties and sold as slaves. (my emphasis) It may be considered certain that many partially (why not fully?, is my question) Judaized Negroes were among the slaves in America. How many of them might still hold some Jewish customs here is another question."

Windsor continues, "Before Dr. Godbey published The Lost Tribes a Myth , Rabbi Matthew organized a Hebrew congregation in 1918 and proclaimed the black people of the United States and the West Indies are the original black Hebrews."

The observations elucidated in this report cause the white supremacist ideology to fall before historical data, along with, scientific and geographical logic. I could write more but time fails me at this point.

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