Friday, July 31, 2009

Zionism Unveiled

By Neyo Webster

I have established this Blogsite to discuss the dangers of global Zionism. This is a topic that cannot and should not be ignored by the American public, particularly. Zionism is not discussed at large in the mainstream media outlets. And the dissenting voices that do "address" the issue are controlled. I believe that Zionism is fundamentally Jewish. I believe that Judaism is the religious face of international Jewish Zionism. One cannot be a follower of the Talmud (known as a Talmudist) and not be a Zionist. Talmudism, the real name for Judaism is intensely and innately Zionist. The Zionist apparatus is more than a Lobby, special interest group, a loose coalition of individuals, etc. I affirm that it is a Cabal that has its roots in the the traditions of the Elders (the religion of the Pharisees) which Jesus Christ denounced. Zionists seek world domination at the exploitation of the so-called Gentile masses among whom they live. At this Blogsite the truth will be spoken without resorting to bigotry of any kind. Life is too short to resort to useful idiocy such as bigotry and so-called racism. I say so-called "racism" because the concept of race is an 18th century phenomenon introduced by men such as Johannes Blumenbach. He, along with others began grouping people groups according to color to solidify the white supremacist ideology that has permeated our society for the last 300 years. Scientists have affirmed that the classification for modern man (and I am no evolutionist but a Biblical creationist) is homo sapiens sapiens. Science in this case nullifies "race" as we have been indoctrinated to understand. Prepare to be shocked, angered, and hopefully stirred as you explore this Blogsite.

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