Saturday, February 26, 2011

Egypt: A Fixed Revolution? (EXCLUSIVE)

Independently Researched and Verified
Compiled and Written by Neyo Webster

The debacle in Egypt has swept American telecasts for several weeks now. But let's explore some facts regarding the United States' relationship with Egypt:
1) Egypt is the one of the biggest recipients of US economic and development assistance: $28billion since 1975, according to a USAid report. Only Israel, Pakistan and Afghanistan have received more cash.
2) Egypt is the second-biggest recipient (behind the State of Israel) of US military aid: over $1.3billion a year.
3) The US State Department describes Egypt as "a strong military and strategic partner of the United States".
4) According to the Federation of American Scientists' Arms Sales Monitoring Project, "The United States sells Egypt a large amount of military equipment and a significant number of small arms; such weaponry is both likely to be used for internal security and difficult to track once sold."

Here are the sentiments of the American President Barack Hussein Obama regarding the villainous dictator Hosni Mubarak in August 2009:

"I am grateful to President Mubarak for his visit, for his willingness to work with us on these critical issues, and to help advance the interest of peace and prosperity around the world."

President Obama described Mubarak as a "leader and a counselor and a friend to the United States". So then how could have Mubarak turned villain in 6 months, or so?

President Bush, before him, also lauded Mubarak with accolades by stating in April 2004, "I'm pleased to welcome my friend, Hosni Mubarak, to my home. Welcome. I always look forward to visiting with him, and I look forward to hearing his wise counsel . . . Egypt is a strategic partner of the United States and we value President Mubarak's years of effort on behalf of the peace and stability of the Middle East."

And is this supposed to be an enemy Arab nation, as portrayed by our Zionist-controlled media?

Let's think for a minute, "How would a defenseless, armless, inexperienced and oppressed population overthrow a regime that has brutalized and terrorized them for the past 30 years?" What is occurring in Egypt is a transference of power to different personages who govern behind the scenes. What is presented to us is a 'Popular Revolution', which is none other than an assault upon the weakness of our intellectual gullibility.

Let's look at the United Kingdom for a moment. The UK is the largest foreign investor in Egypt. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, "The UK is the largest foreign investor in Egypt, with cumulative investments across a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, financial services, tourism, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, textiles and consumer goods estimated at £10 Billion. There are around 900 UK companies invested in Egypt, who are increasingly looking at Egypt as a hub from which to develop business in the region as a whole."

Egypt is a palatable and economically profitable playing field, as stated before, for different personages who govern behind the scenes who disguise themselves as the bearers of 'democracy' and 'freedom' to the down-trodden masses!

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the gallant champion for freedom and democracy in the so-called 'Middle East', visited Egypt with his family for vacation on numerous occasions. He's had a plethora of power meetings with Mubarak, but never chastised him in the manner that he now chastises, say, the country of Iran. Shamefully, Blair, while in office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, allowed Mubarak to finance his family's luxury vacation at the Red Sea resort of Sham-el-Sheikh in December 2001. Was he overwhelmingly concerned about the freedom and human rights of political prisoners being held in Egyptian prisons while he sun-bathed in his vacation villa, as a guest under Hosni Mubarak's dictatorship?

Hypocrisy is the unspoken rule in international politics. We as a nation are not in posession of allies but interests. Even our 'special relationship' with the State of Israel is one of political interest and not some moral 'Judeo-Christian' sentiment. Some have even argued that our relationship with the State of Israel is more of a liability, than a strategic asset!

Returning to Egypt. Do you really believe that unarmed protestors surrounded and forced an armed military personnel out of a government vehicle, for example? How could the civilians overthrow a government that they have not managed in 30 years without an external and well-financed power apparatus backing the 'revolution'? There is no way that protestors, armed with pea-shooters and a lot of determination, could overthrow a regime thoroughly advanced in statecraft! The 'revolution' was scripted and stage-managed like our school curriculums here in the States.

And don't be fooled by selective media footage and carefully chosen soundbytes that make you believe in a reality that is not only an audio-visual fabrication, but a titanic impossibility.

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