Monday, August 3, 2009

The Khazarian Link

By Neyo Webster

The Jews have a secret history, a history of which they are familiar. The Jews of today, largely the Ashkenazim and some Sephardim (the two largest Jewish sects) have roots that go back into the heart of Asia to a kingdom called Khazaria. Khazaria subsisted on the Black Sea, their neighbors being the Magyars who were on the Caspian Sea. The region today is known as Georgia which is located in southern Russia. The Khazars are of a Turko-Finnish extraction. Prof. Graetz, in his History of the Jews published in 1896 by the Jewish Publication Society, described the Khazars as a "warlike tribe" whose culture and "coarse religion" were a combination of "sensuality and lewdness." Benjamin H. Freedman elucidates this lewdness and sensuality in more detail, he describes them as "phallic worshippers." These were a people far from God or any sense of holiness.

It was the fateful year of 740 AD that the Khagan (Khazarian king) named Bulan converted his court to Judaism. Khazaria had been surrounded by the Christians and Muslims in neighboring territories. It was a strategic and politcal endeavour on the part of Bulan to adopt Judaism to consolidate his kingdom's independence from Isalmic and Christian forces. The Isalmic force was centralized in the Caliphate chiefly positioned in Baghdad and the Christian force lay in the Roman Emperor, considered the embodiment of the Empire. I repeat the conversion had nothing to do with religious sentiment or fervor, the conversion was purely political. His successor Obadiah finally as able to accomplish the Judaic conversion of the entire mainstream Khazarian populace through the instructive mediation of Rabbis imported from Babylon. This resulted gradually into a Jewish state for the Khazars.

According to the research of Arthur Koestler, the Khazarian kingdom was defeated by the Russians in 965 AD, thus leaving them vulnerable to the invasion of Genghis Khan whose forces drove them out of Asia and into the terrain of the Caucasus Mountains leading them into Eastern Europe where the cradle of Western Jewry was formed. The region the Khazars settled in with their brand of Judaism is modern-day Poland. A country whose government is completely run by Jews. The white Jews that live in this country (the United States) and abroad are descendants of these Judaized Khazars. They are known as the Ashkenazim, primarily of Germanic (Germany) descent. They, the Ashkenazim, now hold the most prominent positions in our civil, academic, and governmental spheres within the United States and the world.

A forthcoming blog enry about the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim will be posted soon. With the Khazarian history fully summarized, one can conclude that the pyschological weapon called "anti-Semitism" is laughable.

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