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Slavery: Setting the Record Straight…Once And for All

Independently Researched and Verified
by Neyo Webster

“Slavery was a cruel apprenticeship for all peoples in all ages.”
-J.A. Rogers

The Jewish-controlled Media has constructed a “reality” for the African-American that is tragically steeped in lies, obfuscation of the facts, and repression of the panoramic scope of the historical landscape in which the African falls. The African-American’s legacy has been stolen and he has been sold a pack of lies that he was a savage in Africa until he was brought here as a slave. Even some white researchers will assert that slavery was good for the black by bringing him out of the heathendom that he subsisted in before his capture.

The revealing thing is that the African-American’s place of origin, Africa, is the birthplace of the Christianity he was forced to accept. Mind you this form of Christianity was a caricature, an anemic one at that, of the true Christianity found in the Scriptures that truly maintain that all men are created equal in the image of God. Christianity has gotten a bad rap from the dictates of White supremacy.

One of the biggest made-for-television films ever made, perhaps the biggest, was Alex Haley’s book Roots. I read that Mr. Haley received a handsome sum of money from his handlers to publish the black Roots. The movie was even directed by Jews: Marvin Chomsky, John Erman, David Greene, and Gilbert Moses. It is rather interesting how they conveniently left the Jewish role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade out of the picture, literally. In the extras of the DVD set, executive producer David L. Wolper, also Jewish, indicated quite conspicuously that Haley did not want a black director to conduct the production of the film. It is quite interesting how Haley found himself surrounded by Jewish directors bent on producing a complete misinterpretation of the facts. It is even alleged that Haley stole much of the material for Roots. The source in question was a book entitled The African.

It is rather ironic, almost humorous that Jewish directors would hold the helm of filming Roots, the saga of a black African family in America. It is just as ridiculous if Spike Lee were to direct Schindler’s List, another fabrication of Jewish persecution in Eastern Europe under Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party, commonly known as the Nazis. But the Jews have a long history of exploiting the African-American and stealing his heritage. More on that later. There has been no greater enemy to the African-American than the white Jew. This is no exaggerated assertion but a documented reality.

The Jew had been largely responsible for the black man’s enslavement and his continued exploitation in the United States up to the present time. He will march with the black man and woman but will not allow him into his home. He financed the Black man’s freedom fight, commonly known as, “The Civil Rights Movement,” just to advance his own Zionistic and Communistic Agenda here in the States. He will hire a white in his firm and discriminate against the Black who is equally or more qualified. The Jew has been the biggest hypocrite when it has come to the advocacy of equal rights. Within his own culture, he is fiercely intolerant to those who are outside of his Jewish circle. The white Jews send their kids to public school but will eventually live sequestered lives upon their entrance into college and beyond.

The Jewish press has never published a balanced view on the slavery issue. What the hireling Alex Haley failed to do was publish a white Roots. Haley failed to indicate that whites were also enslaved in this country and suffered similar fates as did the black African. Joel Augustus Rogers wrote extensively on this subject in his book Africa’s Gift to America, from which I will be referencing extensively to construct my thesis. J.A. Rogers was a self-supported historian who traveled extensively in Europe, particularly. He even paid white associates to go into exclusive libraries and check out rare titles for him so he could conduct his invaluable research. Rogers had been told by a schoolteacher that the so-called “Black race” was inferior to the so-called “White race” and he was determined to prove that fallacy wrong, dead wrong…and he did.

Here is some more biographical data on Rogers, “Rogers was self-financed, self-educated, self-published. Some critics have focused on Rogers' lack of a formal education as a hindrance to producing scholarly work; others suggested Rogers' auto-didacticism (that is, his self-education) freed him from many academic and methodological restrictions. He made himself free to tackle the difficult racial issues with which he dealt. As an autodidact, Rogers followed his research into various disciplines that more formally educated scholars may have been loath to attempt. Thus, Rogers’ scholarship incorporates elements of history, anthropology, art history, sociology and archaeology. His works are complete with detailed references. That he documented his work to encourage scrutiny of his facts was a testament to his due diligence, work ethic and commitment to not only African people, but the world, its history and culture.

Rogers clearly articulated ideas about race that were informed by anthropology and biology, rather than social convention. He used vindicationism not as end in itself, but as a tool to underscore his humanist beliefs, to illustrate the unity of humanity as a people. He discarded the non-scientific definition of race and pursued his own ideas about humanity’s interconnectedness. Thus, although the work of Rogers has often been relegated to the controversial genre of Afro-centric history, his true contribution to Africana scholarship was his nuanced analysis of the concept of race.

His work allowed him to become a member of professional associations such as the Paris Society of Anthropology, the American Geographical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Academy of Political Science.” (Source: Wikipedia)

I had read somewhere that J.A. Rogers had become so dangerous in his research into Black-White relations that a woman of means wrote out a check to shut him up. The author did not divulge whether Rogers accepted the check or not. Judging from the historical record, I would conclude that he did not. Nevertheless, Rogers left a towering legacy of literature documenting the black African’s seminal role in crafting civilization.

J.A. Rogers tells us in his magnum opus, Africa’s Gift to America that as early as the 1640s, Blacks bought white people in America. He quotes from the United States Guide to Virginia, “In the 17th Century Virginia, Negroes used to import white servants and received head rights to the land. One of them (one of the Blacks, that is), Richard Johnson, imported two white servants and received 100 acres of land on the Pungoteague River. In 1651 Johnson imported eleven (white slaves) and received 550 acres adjoining. About 1650, Benjamin Dole imported six and received 300 acres in Surry County, while others did the same. (p. 11, 1950) About 1650, Johnson house was destroyed by fire and he claimed that he and his wife were ‘Inhabitants of Virginia’ for thirty years, he was freed from county taxes.” (p.61)

Mr. Rogers continues:

J.H. Russell (white) in his doctor’s thesis, “Free Negro in Virginia,” says, “Indeed for more than twenty years after the Negroes first appear in the courts there was no restriction upon their to own white indentured servants.” (p. 91)-emphasis added.

E.S. Abdy, an English visitor to America in the 1830s-emphasis added, mentions two German families, who “were bought by free Negroes of which there is a fairly large number in Baltimore.” (Journal, etc. Vol. 2, p. 56, 1835. Also Henninghausen, L.P. German Society of Maryland, p. 28, 1909).
Africa’s Gift to America, p.61

Rogers mentions more instances, as well. He interestingly tells us before that that while whites were pillaging the Africa heartland for slaves, black Africans were harvesting white slaves from the shore of Europe. Rogers states, Africans treated their white slaves much better than white Americans their Africans.” In quoting Blake, we learn, “The meanest Christian slave on becoming a Mohammedan was free…and he and his descendants were eligible to the highest offices in the State.” Rogers adds, “Acceptance of Christianity made no difference in the status of the African slave in America.” (p.51)

Getting back to America, the first slaves in what is now the United States, were white Englishmen. Rogers tells us, “The earliest warrants banishing convicts to a life of servitude in Virginia were signed by James I in 1617 and the first hundred arrived in 1619 (that is, the same year the Negroes did), and were sold.” (p.52) We are told time and time again by the Zionist media outlets of the horrors of Black slavery. But white slavery was equally horrible. Rogers quotes Mittelberger as saying, “During the voyage there is on board these ships terrible misery, stench, fumes, horror, vomiting, many kinds of sea-sickness, fever, dysentery, headache, heat, constipation, boils, scurvy, cancer, mouth-rot and the like all of which comes from old and sharply salted food and meat, also from the bad and foul water…lice so frightfully, especially on sick people that they can be scraped off.” (pp.56-8)

Like the black slaves they were packed like sardines. Pastor Kunze recalls, “Packed like sardines and sold as slaves.” (p.58) These unfortunate whites were mostly Irish and German. (p.58) James O’Neal, writing on the sale of whites in 1826, states, “A half a century had passed since the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which declared all men free and equal and yet the purchase of white flesh had not become extinct.”-emphasis added. (Chapter on “The White Slave Trade” in Workers in American History).-p.58

Rogers adds more, “Kidnapping whites in Europe for sale as lifetime slaves in America-emphasis added-was common. Richard Hildreth wrote in 1848, ‘Just catch a stray Irish or German girl and sell her.” (p.58) It was that simple.

“White servants,” says Bancroft, “came to be a usual article of traffic. They were sold in England to be transported and in Virginia resold to the highest bidder; like the Negroes they were to be purchased on shipboard as men buy horses at a fair.” (p.56)

Interestingly enough the word slave was first used for white people. It came from the word “Slav,” a blond, blue-eyed people captured by the Germans and reduced to servitude. Rogers tells us, “Slav originally meant ‘people of glory.’” Gibbon says in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, “From the Luxine to the Adriatic, in the state of captives or subjects” the Slavs overspread the land and their name was degraded “from signification of glory to that of servitude.” (p.46)

One may argue, “And what of the runaways, were there white runaways like the blacks?” The answer to that ad hoc question is an emphatic yes. Rogers documents, “White slaves who ran away were advertised for in the newspapers. If caught, they were branded with the letter “R” (runaway). Those who ‘stole our flour and meal given out for baking’ had their ears clipped. George Washington advertised for two white runaways.” (p.56) And it is more than possible that the ol’ General owned more.

Quite surprisingly, the first Africans were not slaves. They were indentured servants who purchased their freedom. (p.58) Rogers quotes J.H. Russell, M.P. Andrews, Mary Standard, and Helen Catterall as authoritative sources:

Russell, in his chapter “Origin of the Free Negro Class” calls the belief that the Negroes were slaves “a popular error maintained and supported by a large number of writers.”

M.P. Andrews says, “The evidence clearly points to the customary indenture for Virginia archives show that throughout the second quarter of the seventeenth century Negroes were being released at the end of the period of indenture.” (Virginia: The Old Dominion, p. 88. 1937.)

Mary Stanard states, “The common belief that all Negroes brought to Virginia in the early period were slaves is an error.” (Virginia’s First Century, p. 159. 1928)

Helen Catterall, writing in the “Judicial Cases Concerning American Slavery and the Negro,” which is a Carnegie Institution publication; she documents black servitude encompassing just a number of years. Some of these blacks were from England itself. (Vol. 1, pp. 16-41. 1926), Africa’s Gift to America-pp. 58-60 As an aside, an another neglected field of study is the African presence in early Europe. The Van Sertima group has done an excellent job in breaking ground in this area.

For the purposes of reiteration, “The slaves for life were white convicts shipped from Europe. (emphasis added) There were no prisons in that part of Africa from which the blacks came,” as documented by Rogers. (p.60) The slaves came primarily from Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote d’lvoire, Liberia, etc., known as “the Slave Coast,” where Black Jews were predominant. More on that later.

Source: Africa's Gift to America by J.A. Rogers, p.209. This picture was extracted by Rogers from Harper's Weekly, January 30, 1864. Below the picture are the slaves names from left to right: Wilson Chinu, Charles Taylor, Augusta Broujey, Mary Johnaon, Issac White, Rebecca Huger, Robert Whitehead, and Rosina Downes. Beneath their names lies this caption: EMANCIPATED SLAVES, WHITE AND COLORED.--The children are from the Schools established in New Orleans, by Order of Major-General Banks.

The trans-Atlantic Slave trade did not initially start as a racial issue, it was purely economic. J.A. Rogers states, “The great need then was for human beings to develop a new world and Africa had an unused reservoir of them. Had the Africans been white, instead, it would have made no difference, as we see from the captive whites of Europe, also shipped to the Americas.”

Rogers documented that it was a religious issue, particularly in England where those in power, such as Chief Justice York who in 1749 corrupted the Christian message and ruled that Africans and Indians were “bondsmen of Satan” and were by divine right subservient to Whites. Their was also a disillusioned Christendom that was under the impression that they were doing God a service by saving them from and hell through pulling them out of what they perceived the “ravages of Africa.” Mind you, the first Christians were Northeast African (Black) Hebrews. An unbiased study of Bible scripture and geography will confirm this assertion.

Africans themselves contributed to the slave trade by selling their own people off for rum and other goods. The stronger chieftains grew rich and lived in the lap of luxury. Many of the slaves sold off into slavery were black Jews. More on that later. Two of the most notorious African slavers were Norbert Da Souza of Brazil and John Ormond. Like Ormond, Da Souza was a so-called Christian mulatto, who had controlling interests in West Africa. He also smuggled French, Spanish, and Greek slaves, among others, from 1807-1856). And before them was Sebehr, the most notorious of the slave-raiders. (Rogers, pp. 62-63) Again, this story is neglected and suppressed…perhaps even forgotten.

There were also Blacks owning slaves in America and at the close of the Civil War were not so willing to give up their slaves. J.A. Rogers continues, “Negro masters in the South weren’t any kinder to their slaves than were the whites. Some had the reputation of being worse. (emphasis added) They fought with the Confederacy to hold them and were bitter at their loss. When William Lloyd Garrison felicitated a Negro slaveholder in Charleston, South Carolina, over the emancipation, he replied, “What me happy at the freeing of me niggers.” (p.66)

Not all whites were slaveholders. I’ll repeat, not all whites were slaveholders. In Leland Dewitt’s two-volume work The Stream of American History, he documents, “The total white population of the South in 1860 was about 8,000,000. Out of the 1,500,000 white families, less than 384,000 owned or hired slaves. Of these only about half (that is, 192,000) had five or more, and only about 8,000 possessed the fifty or more necessary to rank them as slave magnates. Even allowing for overseers and other white retainers (who had no slaves of their own but received their living from the institution), something like two thirds (that is, 66%) of the white families of the South had no direct connection with slavery, and the greater number of those who did had to act as their overseers or even worked in the fields beside the slaves.” (p. 646, vol. 1) I purchased this out-of-print set from an independent seller for these facts alone. Prof. Dewitt retrieved this data from the tabulations of James G. Randall’s The Civil War and Reconstruction, published in 1937, p. 61, as indicated in his footnotes.

Largely speaking the so-called “African-American” is a former shell of his once glorious self. Even those like myself have to suffer under the negative image of being Black, largely propagated by the Zionist media. The Black Entertainment Television (BET) Network is owned by Viacom with the Jew Sumner Redstone as its chairman of the board and CEO of CBS and Viacom. Viacom is the "world's biggest media giant" according to Economist, 11-23-02. Viacom owns Viacom Cable, CBS, and MTV worldwide, Blockbuster Video Rentals, along Black Entertainment TV, the mental sewage outlet for the majority of Black America. Wake up, folks!!!

When we think of the slave and his origins we are comfortable with saying he was a savage, still the predominating thought. We will even accept that he was a Muslim, as was the case with Kunta Kinte in Alex Haley’s Roots. But is has never been entertained that the slaves brought over from Africa were Hebrews or Jews!

Rudolph Windsor in his pioneering and masterful work, From Babylon to Timbuktu , says, "It is a known fact that the Jews and Judaism were in Africa fifteen hundred years (my emphasis) before Islam and that everywhere the Arabs went the Jews were there."

Windsor in the same book quotes a Dr. Allen Godbey, who had a working knowledge of black Jews in America, as saying, "These facts have peculiar significance when the presence of Judaism among American Negroes is to be considered. Hundreds of thousands of slaves were brought to America from this Western Africa during the days of the traffic, beginning nearly four hundred years ago. (my emphasis)

How much more of Judaism survived among West African Negroes in that earlier time? As persecuted communities, they were rather more in danger than other Negroes of being raided by war parties and sold as slaves. (my emphasis) It may be considered certain that many partially (why not fully?, is my question) Judaized Negroes were among the slaves in America. How many of them might still hold some Jewish customs here is another question."

This is a realm, I’d personally want to explore further for rather personal reasons, obviously.

Windsor continues, "Before Dr. Godbey published The Lost Tribes a Myth , Rabbi Matthew organized a Hebrew congregation in 1918 and proclaimed the black people of the United States and the West Indies are the original black Hebrews."

Windsor, in another equally excellent book of his, The Valley of Dry Bones: The conditions that face black people in America, presents a map of the locales of Jews on the West African strip. Along the Slave Coast, comprised of Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote d’lvoire, Liberia, etc., Black Jews were in abundance. Their were Black Hebrew settlements there. Some still exist in these countries.

Additionally, there were other Black Hebrew settlements:
Moroccan Hebrews
The Beni Abbas, the Bahutsim, the Biskra, Wargla Jews, and Hole Jews of Algeria
The Beni Moussa and Taganet of the Western Sahara
The Kamnuria of Mauritania
The Jews of Senegal
The Yoruban Jews of Nigeria
The Lam Lam and Ashanti Jews of Ghana
The Daggatuns of Chad
The Jews of Gabon
Jews along the Congo River
The Jews of Angola
The Jews of Loanda

More inland, we are presented with:
The Krit of Sudan
The Levite Cities situated throughout the Gabon, the current Central African Republic

To the Eastern Coast of Africa:
The Wasambara of Tanzania
The Tabiban and Falashas of Ethiopia
The Jews of Yemen
The Nubia Jews
The Onias in Palestine
The Elephantine and Abydos Jews of Egypt
The Nefousa of Libya
The Jewish Psamti on the Egyptian/Libyan border
(See Map in Rudolph Windsor’s The Valley of Dry Bones: The conditions that face black people in America, p. 50)

Not to mention the Black Jews dispersed throughout Syrian-Palestina. And of course you have the Black Jews heavily populated in Spain and Portugal known as the Sephardim. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more. So much for Hollywood defining who any group is for that matter. Self-identity is a matter of an auto-didactic undertaking.

The African-American, undoubtedly, has a Hebraic past, a very deep one at that. Hebrew is an African language that should be reclaimed by the American black, instead of the Zionist-prescribed Swahili.

It is also said by the German historian Herbert Wendt in the now rare and out-of-print, It Began in Babel: the story of the birth and development of races andpeople, that “all indications point to the fact that Asia was the cradle of the Black race.” (p. 368) And this is the observation of a white scholar! So it must also be concluded that the American black has an Afro/Asiatic-Hebraic past. Blacks in this country (the United States) are not “African-Americans” but are Afro-Asiatic Hebrews!

Windsor asserts that when the Hebrews in Africa rebelled against the word of God they became subjected to the curses of Yahweh, there is no “J” in Hebrew by the way. “Jehovah” is not in the Bible. His name is YHWH. We have the Hebrew Yod (as in “mode). The transliteration for the Hebrew Yod is “J” in English.

These curses are recorded in the Bible and they are:
The Curse of Widespread Dispersal (Deut. 28:64)
Biological and Physical Curses (Deut. 28:22)
Economic Curses (Deut. 28:16)
The Curse of Lost Identity (Ex. 1:8-22, Psa. 83:4-5, Deut. 32:26)
The Curse of Psychological Delusion (Deut. 28: 34,45,46,59,64-65,66,67; Lev. 26:14,15,17)

And now I am going to make a very unsettling proposition to my readers. It is at this point that I part ways from all of the scholarship. The only way out for Black people in America is through the salvation of Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus Christ, Yeshua, that I have come to reclaim my historical and spiritual identity. He alone has furnished me with a sense of who I am. If it were not for my relationship with Yeshua through the Ruach Hako'desh (Hebrew for “Holy Spirit”), I would be just as lost as my Black and Latino brethren in this country.

I will continue to research the suppressed fact of Hebrewism in Africa (Africa encompassing Afro-Asia for me, including the hijacked “Middle East.”)

But as far as I am concerned, I am done with the Slavery issue…the record has been set straight for me with the score settled…once and for all. All praises to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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