Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Television Drama Series About the Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians Debuts


Israel summons Turkey envoy over brutish TV portrayal of IDF
Haaretz | October 14, 2009

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday summoned the
Turkish ambassador to Israel in protest over a new television drama
airing in Turkey that depicts Israel Defense Forces soldiers as brutal
murderers. Lieberman instructed staff at the Foreign Ministry to protest
in the face of their Turkish counterparts. He stressed that airing this
type of show reflects a grave level of incitement - and with government

The show, called Ayrilik, features a love story that develops between
the lead characters during Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip,
according to Israeli media reports. However, a partial episode available
on YouTube depicts multiple images of the IDF brutalizing the
Palestinian population by shooting children in the chest and kicking
elderly people on the ground, among other things.

In the clip, Israeli soldiers can be seen shooting a smiling young girl
in the chest, steamrolling a tank through a crowded street and lining up
a firing squad to shoot at Palestinians. The show airs on Turkish
State-sponsored television channel TRT1, according to Israeli media

They also reported that the drama's Web site says it "brings to life the
bleeding wound of Palestine. The show depicts all sides of the
generations-long tragedy... This season focuses on the women and
children and the Palestinian story, as well as the notion that the
ultimate solution is love, compassion and world peace."

Source: The Hoffman Wire

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