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African-Americans Are Hebrew Israelites!

By Cohane Michael Ben Levi

At this juncture, we will show that the people taken in the "Atlantic Slave Trade" or "Middle Passage," to the New World, were and still are the descendants of that ancient Hebrew Israelite nation and people. Thus revealing the hidden or missing link in the historical past of the people now known as Negroes, located in parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, Central, North and South America, as well as, many other remote places throughout the earth.

In Deuteronomy 28:68 it states that, "and the Lord shall bring thee back into Egypt in ships by the way whereof I said unto thee: Thou shalt see it no more again and there ye shall sell yourselves unto your enemies for bondsmen and for bondswomen, and no man shall buy you." In simplest terms this metaphor is saying, that Israel would go into slavery; similar to the cruelty of Egypt. The statement that no man shall buy you, simple means no one would free us that only the God of Israel would ultimately grant us freedom. (In ancient times, an Israelite could sell himself to his brother as a hired servant and be paid for his labour. However, in this case he would not receive wages for his labour)

Israel attempted to avoid their inevitable fate, worldwide dispersion, by fleeing into West Africa. However, we were taken into the western hemisphere via the Atlantic Slave trade. No longer were we to be identified as a nation of Israelites, but instead as a nonentity called Negroes.

Deuteronomy the 28th Chapter verses 36 and 37 states, "The Lord will bring thee and thy king who thou shalt set over thee, unto a nation that thou hast not known, thou nor thy fathers; and there shalt thou serve other gods, of wood and stone. And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb and by-word, among all the people whither the Lord shall lead the away."

The aforementioned quotation, explains why the name Israel was replaced by such terms as Koromanti, Ashanti, Fulani, Dahomey, Yoruba, West Indian, Afro-American, Negro, Nigger, etc., and the like. In fact, the term Koromanti was not the name of any particular race or tribe.

In fact, Koromantine was not a tribal name, rather it is applied in general, to those slaves who were brought from the Gold Coast in West Africa and who measured up to a certain standard or quality. The terms Koromantines and Ashanti Negros, identified a common stock. Further, only in instances where there is no originality of nationality or culture, is the word Negro used in speaking of African People. However, in the cases of Ethiopia and Egypt, each having the above attributes, we do not associate the term Negroes.

As a general rule Koromantine slaves could be found in most of the West Indies, and many were located on the Jamaican plantations. According to Frank Cundall, "In fact every rebellion of slaves in Jamaica originated with, and was generally confined to, the Koromantine. Their independence of character became so generally recognized that at one time the legislature of Jamaica proposed that a bill should be brought in for laying an addtional duty upon the Tatin, Akin and Ashanti Negroes and all others commonly called Koromantees."

In the 18th century Admiral Rodney, a Naval commander, gave an account of how the Koromantines and Ashanti Negroes, showed an indifference to pain and torture when being afflicted and punished.

"They brought from the black interior Kingdoms of Dahomey and Ashanti, and they sold to the white merchant traders of Europe; slaves, rum and gun powder. The gun powder was sent to the interior and the rum was drunk on the Coast. of the slaves, or those who survived among them was sent to America, if two in ten made it through the horror of the Middle Passage the trade."

Blair Niles, author of Black Haiti writes, "Some were said to be descendants of Jews," speaking of the slaves in Haiti. Reverend H.S. Whitehead, said concerning the slaves in the Virgin Islands, "On the door of the Negro cabins in the country, crosses may be seen, much like those the Hebrews made with the blood of the Passover lamb."

In Deuteronomy 32 it states that a "no people" would rule over the nation of Israel because of their sins. At the time of this prophecy Euro-gentiles were uncivilized. They were the Greeks, Romans, Spanish, Portuguese, English and French, etc. These nations rose out of obscurity and became rulers over the people of God Almighty, the Blacks of today. Jeremiah 5 explains God's anger in this manner. "just as you have provoked me by serving strange gods in your land, so I will provoke you by causing you to serve strangers in a land that is not yours."

Israel was scattered among the nations though the process of time which exacted the punishment spoken against them by their God who delivered them from Egyptian bondage. The inhabitants of Canaan became a snare for Israel because Israel served their gods. They were allowed to oppress and harass the Israelites for many centuries. The Assyrian and Babylonian captivities became the implementation of the curses for a time. Nonetheless, there were conditions of the curses which could not be accomplished while in exile among those nations.

Many Blacks have been led to believe that because they were born in America, they are American. They think being born in America also means, that they are somehow given an ancestral nationality, when in fact they only received a partial residency status in the country of their birth. We must remember that according to the U.S. Constitution, the African is only considered three-fifths of a man.

America received its name from the explorer Amerigo Vespucci. The indigenous inhabitants of this country were many Indian tribes. For example, the Seminole, Cherokee, Apache, Blackfoot, Pawato, etc. There was not a single one among then called American. In terms of the land, if anyone is an American, it would have to be the indigenous Indians, who were slaughtered and those who remain on the Indian reservations.

Furthermore, their European conquerors were of nationalities and lands outside of America. The British claimed theses territories originally as thirteen colonies. They later expanded their hold on America through conquest against the French and Spanish. Additionally, immigrants eventually traveled to America from various parts of Europe. They arrived as free citizens and were given an opportunity to take part in the American dream. From a biological stand point these Europeans can easily claim to be descendants of Amerigo Vespucci.

However, the African came to these shores of America from West Africa as chattel slaves in chains. Without dignity, they were stripped of their names, language and culture. The name of their plantation owners were branded on them, as if they were animals. African Americans still bear these names today: Washington, Jones, Brown, Green, Martin, Williams, Smith, Johnson, and what have you. The Black slaves were valued at 3/5 of a man, meaning not only were they not recognized as Americans, but they were not even recognized as human beings. The case of Dred Scott, illustrates this fact through the very justice system of that time.

The fact is that African Americans, through a pseudo-emancipation have been educated to think that residing in America makes them Americans. This has also acted as a smoke screen in preventing them from finding their true national identity. Some of the most educated people among Africans in America have been duped when it comes to this issue. Ultimately, it is a case of modern thinking having produced a modern ignorance.

In ancient times families springing from the same genes formed a particular nation. All of the original people pf Egypt were of the seed of Ham. The sons of Ham called Mizraim, settled in the territory of Egypt and populated the land. Foreigners who settles there could become citizens of the land. This did not mean one became a member of the Egyptian biological line. This idea would be absurd. The Israelites, Hyksos and many other foreign people who at the same time resided in Egypt, all retained their original nationality. The modern concept created in America, which suggests that this is a melting pot where all people are blended into a single race, would be an absurdity to societies of old. The mere fact that English is not the mother tongue of all the people in America is another indicator that we are not all Americans.

This is not to say, that different people did not unite to form a common banner in Greece or Rome. However, being a Greek or Roman citizen was quite different from being born of Greek or Roman parentage. In other words one's nationality is not altered by one's place of birth. A Chinese born in America is as much Chinese as a Chinese person born in China. The individual may be regarded as a Chinese American, which can only mean his true nationality is Chinese, while he is recognized as a natural resident of America.

The same holds true for any other nationality under similar circumstances. As Malcolm X said, "If a cat has kittens in an oven, they are still kittens and not biscuits." Who you are is determined by your parents and not where you are born. Therefore, if Blacks are indeed Israelites, whether they are born in America, the West Indies or anywhere else in the diaspora, that can only mean we are still Israelites today. It is also necessary for Blacks to use their common sense in addition to the scholarly approach, to arrive at the truth about themselves. True emancipation of the mind is the ability to think and reason for yourself. We Blacks must think of education as a means of learning how to teach oneself rather than being given information and being told what it means.

Too often Black folks are afraid to investigate for themselves. They are afraid to go against the grain. In many places of learning we were penalized for disagreeing with the teacher or the professor. It was even taboo to question the preacher or Catholic priest. Therefore, most Blacks, have been programmed and miseducated rather than educated.

Excepts from the book Israelites and Jews: The Significant Difference by Cohane Michael Ben Levi P.O. Box 36 Amityville, New York 11701

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