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The Founding Fathers of Zionism

The following men are the seminal characters of the Zionist movement with Hess and Herzl being at the forefront:

Moses Hess(1862)
Leon Pinsker (1882)
Theodore Herzl (1896)
Ahad Ha-'Am (1902)
Ze'ev Jabotinsky (1906)

I will devote some page space to Moses Hess and Theodore Herzl (dubbed the "Father of Zionism"):

Moses Hess (1812-1875)

Moses Hess was born in Bonn, Germany and died in Paris, France. He practiced Orthodox Judaism but broke away and embraced the Kabbalah. In 1837, he anonymously published his first book, “The Holy History of Mankind,” which revealed his ideas on anarchic socialism. In 1841, he founded the radical newspaper, “Rheineische Zeitung.” In 1842 he promoted Karl Marx, a German Jew to chief editor. Hess introduced Marx to the Freemasons and to communism. In 1844, Hess introduced Marx to the German Jew Friedrich Engels.

Moses Hess is considered the father of two political movements: communism and Zionism. He was buried in Cologne, Germany, but in 1961 his remains were re-buried in the graveyard of Kineret (Lake of Galilee, Israel) next to the graves of other founders of the modern Zionist socialist movement.

Some of his writings:

1841, Die Europaische Triarchie: Promoting a formation of socialism based upon German philosophy, French politics and British political economy.

1862, Rome and Jerusalem, the Last National Problem: Promoting Socialism, but he also wrote, “I have always been strengthened by the Hebrew prayers.”

On the Right of Labour

On Social and Economic Reform

The Red Catechism for the German People: Hess wrote, “My religion is the socialistic revolution.”

The writings of Hess promoted that outside of Judaism the following should happen:

No person should own any private property. (land, house, car, furniture, etc.)

All humans should be moved into a classless society that is ruled by a group outside the law.

In order to force people into one classless society, it may be necessary to incite different groups against each other to prevent them from working together and destroying the very fabric of current society.

To force a socialistic revolution using Judaism, racial strife and the battle between different classes in society.

A Socialist must embrace Internationalism, with the exception of Jews, there should be no patriotism. Only Jews should be patriotic about Israel.

Hess believed that his ideology could be carried out under the banner of the Jewish Rothschild family. He publicly swore destruction and death to anyone who resisted his teachings on socialism, but in private, he was a religious Jew.

Hess told Karl Marx that the Jews had been given the task to transform the Gentiles into wild animals. Meanwhile his public teachings appealed to the young European people because life was hard for the working class. Here was a system that took the wealth from the rich and allowed all people to live a wonderful life in a utopian socialist society.

Theodor Herzl (1860-1904)

Theodor Herzl was born in Pest, Hungary and died in Vienna, Austria. Even though he graduated from law school in 1884, he became a writer involved with Zionism. He wrote books and various plays about the problems facing the society of his day. From 1891 to 1895, Herzl served as the Paris correspondent for the Vienna newspaper, “The Free Press,” an influential liberal Vienna daily newspaper.

As a successful playwright, Herzl was able to use his influence to promote the idea of an independent Palestinian state. With the rising of anti-Semitism in France, he began to write articles and plays promoting his ideas on how to solve the Jewish issues by having young Jews join the Socialistic movement en mass. He later took a hard stand that the only solution to establish a homeland for the Jewish people was a mass exodus of Jews from countries which were anti-Semitic. In 1895 he wrote a plan to relocate Jews to Palestine. He looked for financial backing from the Rothschilds when he presented his plan. Max Nordeau (1849-1923), a Hungarian Jew became a supporter of it.

In 1896, Herzl published a book called, “Der Judenstaat,” ("The Jewish State") in which he outlined his plan to relocate the Jews to Palestine. The first step was to build a strong political base. The book stirred up emotions in the Jewish community worldwide. The Jewish communities in Western Europe rejected the proposal while the poorer Jewish communities in Eastern Europe and Russia embraced the idea of a Jewish homeland; the Zionist Movement was born with Theodor Herzl as the Father. Herzl knew that a gradual colonizing would only stimulate anti-Semitism, so he advocated a population transfer under international supervision.

Summary of Herzl’s Plan:

First was the transfer of the “desperate Jews” fleeing oppression in Russia due to the assassination of Tsar Alexander II, in 1881, by a group of Jewish conspirators. This first group of Jews would be retrained for labor to cultivate the soil and build the infrastructure of the homeland.

The second group brought in would be the poor Jews from Eastern Europe who would create vast labor pools which would be used to develop the nation commercially.

Once the infrastructure had been built and the farmers were able to support the people, then the prosperous Jews would be transferred to capitalize on the new Jewish state’s trade. The objective would be to bring in Jewish businessmen who could build up the economy of the nation.

The final transfer would be the wealthy Jews who would move in and live comfortably in the land that had been built by sweat and labor of the first three groups.

Theodor Herzl anticipated resistance from comfortable Jews and wrote, “Old prisoners do not willingly leave their cells… Perhaps we shall have to fight first of all against many an evil-disposed, narrow-hearted, short-sighted member of our own race. Whoever can, will and must perish, let him perish, but the distinctive nationality of the Jews neither can, will, nor must be destroyed. Whole branches of Judaism may wither and fall, but the trunk remains.”

Very few leaders of the Zionistic movement were religious. Many of them didn’t believe in God nor had a regard for the Old Testament. Most of them were atheistic or agnostic and similar to secular Jews today. It was not Judaism, but anti-Semitism created by the Jewish leadership which antagonized the Gentiles that helped to create the political state of Israel. Herzl’s plan outlined two organizations that needed to be built before the transfers of Jews could start:

1. “A Society of the Jews” to manage the affairs of the emerging Jewish state. The organization was formed in 1899 with the name “Jewish Colonial Trust” was incorporated in England with 2 million Pounds.

2. “The Jewish Company,” a financial banking system. This would take care of the transfer of the wealth of the Jews as they move. In exchange for their current financial status, they would be compensated with land, machinery and homes in the new state. It would also take charge of their former financial matters and sell them of to “honest anti-Semites.” The Jewish National Fund was established in 1901 to purchase and cultivate land in Palestine, and in 1903, a subsidiary bank called, “The Anglo-Palestine bank,” was opened.

Theodor Herzl promised Christian governments good discounts on former Jewish holdings and had no mercy on Jews. They were to give up all their homes, savings, properties and business and move to Palestine and live in kibbutzim.

When Jewish people rejected the idea, Herzl warned them, 'Great exertions will hardly be necessary to spur on the movement. Anti-Semites need only to do what they did before and then they will create a Jewish desire to emigrate where it did not previously exist.'"

Taken from "Showdown in Jerusalem" a digest written by Gert Timmerman.

Editor's note: In addition, to Communism and Zionism being fomented, or more accurately actualized, by Moses Hess, the Zionists have also created the government concept that is familiar to most: democracy . Democracy is nothing more than veiled tyranny. The United States of America, in principle, is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. The American public has been duped by its educational and media system that the U.S. is a democracy. The implication of a democracy is that the People run the government, something that was not really in the Constitutional Framers' minds. Within a Republic, ideally the People elect Officials to represent them and to preserve their interests. However, this is not taught in schools. The nebulous "democracy" has been substituted for the purposes of the advancement of political and global interests other than out own. The lie of democracy, is in fact, enslaving us to greedy and criminal Masters.

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