Friday, February 11, 2011

Negro: The Lost Hebrew!

The Jews who currently occupy Israel are not the children of Jacob. They are of the lineage of Esau and Gog and Magog. The "Christ" that has been presented to so-called "African-Americans" is an imposter and a fraud. This Christ is the embodiment of Cesare Borgia, who was the the second son of Pope Alexander VI of Rome. Cesare's sister Lucretia was the official patron of the arts. She mandated that all artists who were to paint images of Christ must paint him in the likeness of her brother Cesare. And the masses absorbed this falsehood. To this day they swear that Christ was a Caucasian. And the masses bristle with anger and disbelief at the notion that he walked this Earth as anything but that.

Photo Courtesy of Georgia Johnson, founder and host of the Biblical Hebrews of the Bible

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