Friday, February 18, 2011

The Palinator (EXCLUSIVE)

By Cairo Mars
Contributing Writer
Zionism Unveiled Productions

She doesn’t read newspapers or publications. She shoots moose from helicopters. She says she can see Russia from her house in Alaska. She's been convinced that she should consider running for President by her base of low-information voters. And she's now giving it very serious consideration. If she doesn’t run, can she still be a major factor in the Republican campaign and be a determining factor in their outcome? “You betcha”. She’s been marketed as the American everywoman, the hockey mom, and the “Mama grizzly”. She bakes cookies, looks hot in a swimsuit, and packs a shotgun. Those are her qualifications. Her supporters seem to overlook the fact that she quit halfway through her term as governor due to ethics charges, doesn't have a firm grasp on the issues, and holds views that are more reactionary and contrarian than they are truly conservative. Our elected officials should be from among our best and brightest individuals. But instead, we vote for the most telegenic candidate, the least intellectually challenging candidate, or the one who's just more familiar. Unfortunately, what she really represents are twin evils that are disturbingly prevalent in American society: arrogance and ignorance. Having strong opinions is no substitute for actually being informed. When faced with facts that don’t fit seamlessly into an individual’s belief system, the mind often automatically rejects the presented facts, thereby strenghtening the individual’s belief system while keeping him or her further away from actual dynamic human enlightenment. Instead the person becomes a robotic reciter of rhetoric that’s easily disproven by the facts and the evidence. That archetype has a champion in Sarah Palin.

I don’t believe, however, that her incendiary statements bear responsibility for the attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and the murder of six innocent bystanders in Tucson several weeks back. At least not based on the available evidence. The assailant, by all accounts, was a deeply disturbed and lost individual who was in desperate need of the psychiatric care that many knew he needed but weren’t concerned enough to urge him to get. There’s no doubt that we live in a violent country. America was born of violence and the belief that one group of people deserved the liberty and self-determination that they denied others. But almost two and a half centuries later, although we’ve made a lot of progress, we still have a long way to go in terms of cultivating a national culture of truly free and free-thinking human beings who have an equal opportunity to excel and succeed no matter what their race, creed, color, nationality, or economic class. There's an alarming percentage of people in America who's programming since birth has been one of false beliefs, emotional disconnect, apathy, and aggressive predisposition. This can be a highly combustible mixture in a country with so many loud rabble-rousing media figures. America does very little in terms of insuring that each citizen has the real opportunity to develop into being fully cognizant, and intellectually and spiritually aware. What we do have is a culture that calls those who think independently and outside the mainstream crazy, while those who follow the herd and repeat the legendary lying lore of American history are called patriots.

This state of affairs is simply not sustainable. We just can't go on pretending that we can trust our own party's politicians to act in our best interests, that our current system of government and society works to our benefit, or that being informed and intelligent generally doesn't matter because we can still get by with what we already have. But the things we own don't make us free. The things we believe do. In this system that encourages us to act and think in a reflexive, rote, and robotic fashion in reaction to complex issues, we will all be lost unless we claim our humanity. Amassing new information, gaining wisdom through application of it, and expanding our individual consciousness for the benefit of the collective are the very things that make us vibrant human beings. Our counterparts in the animal kingdom also exhibit the obligation of community. They also act singularly for the benefit of the group. But you will never see a member of an animal collective acting in a manner that's contrary to the herd. What distinguishes us as humans is our ability to think independently, to weigh facts in a cogent and rational manner, and to come to unpopular conclusions and to stand by them with total conviction, despite the ridicule or the rage of the prevailing popular opinion. The bold discoveries made and proclaimed by learned men and women, often to their own detriment, have charted the course for our development as a people. That's how we evolve as a society.

One institutional impediment to free thinking is the routine and mechanized mode of learning propagated by our school system. What it teaches is that absorbing and regurgitating information without dissecting and analyzing its merits is what is acceptable. Anything contrary to that will not be tolerated. We're told that if you can recite the steady bits of data that are uploaded into your brain when it comes to test time, then that's all you need to graduate and become a fully dynamic human being, when it really just prepares you for working in a cubicle, playing your role in the assembly line of commerce without preparing you to be an agent of growth and opportunity for all who participate in this system. Provisions are made for the comparatively smaller percentage of students who attend the elite public, private, and Ivy League institutions, with the goal of having them contribute their talents to society and to the ruling class, at the expense of granting universal access to success tools and methods to all students. With funding for arts, music, and sports also being cut at an unbelievable rate in primary and secondary schools, and with brain-deadening junk food being pushed like drugs on television, kids today are being forced to grow up in a learning environment that discourages them from actually learning and growing intellectually. The process of learning involves imbuing one's own personal and individual experience and powers of reasoning upon the information being received in order to evolve in thought and consciousness as a result of this newly acquired information. With the restrictive assembly line system of education that exists here in the U.S., our children are being taught things, but they're not really learning much of anything at all.

Our children are not evolving into free-thinking, independent, well-informed change agents that will lead our society towards greater human development. They're graduating at abysmal levels and without knowing the truth regarding world and local events, and they form a highly skewed opinion of the way things work in this world. Every baby is born with with incredibly expansive intellectual abilities, but instead of having these abilities nurtured by our school system as they get older, they're instead given blinders and they learn not to question information, and to accept the simplest possible explanation regarding complex historic events. As a result of this programming, a sizeable percentage of Americans believe the lie that Abraham Lincoln supported racial equality, that Christopher Columbus discovered America, and that the Greeks brought enlightenment to the world by developing their array of knowledge on their own, instead of the truth that they received their deep well of information by studying Egyptians and other learned African societies that had navigated the world way before the Westerners had. This is chronicled in works by acclaimed and noteworthy historians such as Martin Bernal in "Black Athena" and Dr.Yosef Ben-Jochannan in "Africa: Mother of Western Civilization". Most Americans also believe that a lone Muslim zealot orchestrated the circumvention of the most powerful national security apparatus on Earth with a dozen and a half of his foot-soldiers, leading to the deaths of almost 3000 people on American soil. From a cave. One needs only to use his or her own powers of reason, and to suspend all the programming and social doctrine that we've uploaded into our consciousness to deduce what the truth is in light of the evidence of who truly benefits from the current state of perma-war and terrorism hysteria in which we find ourselves. But instead, we wave the flag and chant the chants, blindly proclaiming how much better we are than everyone else in the world.

Much of our social acculturation is guided by the second institutional impediment to free-thinking, which is the media. The media dictates how we think, what we wear, and what we eat. It tells us who to like and who to hate. It teaches us to make heroes out of those who appeal to our baser nature, and to dismiss those who stand for radical truth and champion individual thought. The current meme in today's media is anti-intellectual narcissism. As you read this, more people will have watched the latest antics of a bunch of hopped-up near-Neanderthals frolicking by the Jersey Shore than will have watched to see how an IBM-created supercomputer programmed to replicate the thinking patterns of humans in response to spoken language will fare on Jeopardy against that show's two greatest contestants. And this is all to the benefit of a ruling class that does all it can to insure that we remain entranced and unaware of what's really going on behind the curtain, and just how deep the rabbit hole goes. The last thing they want is a true revolution of ideas that brings forth real change in our society. They fear our evolution from our programmed artificial reality into real live, dynamic, spiritual, and conscious human beings. When that occurs, and when we accept the truth regarding our true nature as avatars of God that are meant to live abundantly and with abiding respect for each other's right to be free, the power structure will lose its means of sustenance, and the bought-and-paid-for politicians, media talking heads, and social standard-bearers that they appoint to regulate us like a shepherd's sheepdog will no longer have any influence.

But if we don’t speak truth to power and rage against the machine which feeds off our fear and misery, then we may soon witness the fulfillment of the kind of dystopia described in “1984“ and “A Brave New World”, where we retreat from reality into a world of steadily dehumanizing technology and machines, and indulge in increasingly soulless and ephemeral distractions, while our every thought, will, and action is controlled and dictated by a state claiming to be acting in our own best interest when they, in effect, are using us as batteries, draining away our life energy. Facebook and other social media sites have largely become marketing and information-gathering entities for the corporate state, but as with all technology, we can use it effectively as an engine of change, real social connection and expansion, and a tool for a viable progressive movement. The free-thinking humans of the world are beginning to unite. We see evidence of the burgeoning of a real revolution. We have to ensure that the spark catches fire until we burn down the entire house of cards. We have everything to gain, and really nothing to lose but our chains and our programming.

Photo and Essay Copyright © 2011 by Cairo Mars, All rights reserved.

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