Monday, January 17, 2011

The Hieroglyphics Hoax: Champollion, A Fraud (EXCLUSIVE)

“Unfortunately, Champollion’s decipherment of the hieroglyphics was based on the wrong premise that ancient Egypt was a monolingual nation just as most European nations are today. However, that premise is false. Ancient Egypt was a multilingual nation as we see on the African continent today. Ancient Egyptian writings were therefore not in one tribal language. As a result, deciphering one language could not give western scholars the orthographic clues to the numerous documents that were written in other tribal languages. This is the reason that less than a tenth of the supposed recovered papyri from Ancient Egypt have been successfully deciphered up to date. The deciphering formula that Champollion left behind does not fit all languages of all the papyri Egyptologists and archaeologists have recovered from Ancient Egypt. What is worse, most of these scholars do not even know that they are dealing with different African languages.” (Nana Darkwah, author of The Africans Who Wrote the Bible, p. 149)

Photo: Jean Francois Champollion. The so-called "Father of Egyptology."

Editor's Note: Champollion was also an illuminist. Notice the hand hidden in his jacket. Other illuminists like George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Karl Marx took pictures with similar poses. The Hidden Hand represents the shadowy practices of the Illuminati.

This is a sample of the hieroglyphics from the "Rosetta Stone" that Champollion supposedly "deciphered." How could a one-dimensional man such as Champollion decipher such ancient, and yet sophisticated, complexity?


  1. It's interesting that I found this page upon searching for samples of hieroglyphics. I must say that as a linguist, I am more aware of the qualifications necessary for such an undertaking as the decipherment of the Rosetta Stone. The premise of which you begin your claims is false. Champollion was a master of many languages and even learned the Coptic language of the Christians, which was the key to understanding the ancient language on the stone. Coptic is the closest living relative to the language of the Egyptians. He was well aware of the many languages that existed at the time of the Egyptians, as is even the most amateur linguist, and you must retract your narcissistic claim that just because you cannot understand the process of the final renderings does not mean that there isn't a great mind capable and willing to undertake the task.