Wednesday, January 12, 2011

False and Fake Jewish Ancestry Using DNA Reading between the Genes

"The Jewish Gene theory is a false thesis. U.S. research teams led by Ashkenazi Jews themselves, like Hammer and Wilder. Based on the Cohen, and EU 19 and J1 gene being of Jews? And they own or control the very Labs this stuff comes out from. How can they say that? In fact they have started to get major corporate sponsorship from other Askenazi Jews to promote this crap. Like Google owners, and so on. Whats funny too these DNA guys have no Semite lab gene to compare. How can you say you are the descendants of the real Jews, and you don't have a gene in your lab to compare? So they make assumptions, notice coincidences similar to Arabs of the region like illness's they have like Arabs, and they forget Asian Orientals have that too, and on top off that fabricate that they have a common gene with the middle eastern people. That's it folks. They spent millions to say they have a gene similar to Arabs. This makes them Jewish? Or the Arabs Jewish? But what they fail to know, is the Arabs, Orientals, Bedouin, and Berbers are mixed too in blood. And they traveled or came from all over Europe at much of the same time, and mixed with the populaces of those countries as well prior. We find the Ashkenazi gene popping up in non-Jews, and Arabs, and Berbers, and Bedouins, in the same areas of all their testing. Why don't they mention this is their testing? Why just Israelis? Why no testing on the Palestinians maybe? Something they don't want to tell you in their research. And what about the Palestinians and Syrians and Lebanese who also have the same gene found in their blood. Not found in other parts of the middle east. Just do the simple math, and the answer is right in front of you. Lets take a small step back in time. And recount the days when then Mongols, and the Turks sacked Jerusalem. Both groups would have interbred and have children, and marry. And when the Mongols, and Turks had also been conquered they would leave Jerusalem and go back to their home lands. Even Khazaria, With their new children mind you. These children would almost be a new race. Mixed with Khazarian, Mongol, Turkish, and Jewish, and Arab, Bedouin, and Berber bloods. Not to mention a dash of spicy Greek, Frank, and Roman too from prior invasions. And they would end up in the far Northern regions of the middle east, Europe, Eastern Europe, and Khazaria, and Turkey, and parts of Asia and Russia for the matter, and for each perspective invasion and retreat to their home land at the time. We honestly can only say there is no proof in any of the theories set out by Hammer, or Wilder that they are Jewish in genetics. We just don't know. The new people even after the Khazars would have been Ashkenazi's. Descendants of the Khazars. And that blood too is even further diluted from the Mongol Khazars, and Turks. So by now any trace would be wiped out, or gone. One thing to consider is the culture of the Jews at the time of the Mongol, and the Turk invasions. The Jews at the time were in shambles. There was inter sex with Arabs, Turks, Mongol's, Roman's, Greek's, and other cultures. But of the priestly class, they did not marry in general to any other person, unless they converted to Judaism or was a Jew. So the answer in all the testing is simple. We don't know. And we may never know actually. We don't have in our lab a gene to compare. Genetics is genetics. Not assumptions as Abrahami pointed out. So there is no support for the Jewish Gene theory. Besides, these lab guys are scientist, and not historians, if you look at both sides of the research, they can't line up. So this is a false assumption to make about Jewish Genes.Great scientific quotes about this thesis"Geneticist Steven Rose said, Biologists define "race" as a group or population differing in gene frequency from that of others in the same species. "If race as a classification had any use at all, it served as a mere convenience to distinguish between geographic groups of people. In the process, individual variances must first be abolished and the group's characteristics reduced to an average, to an imaginary prototype if you will, that has no basis in physical genetic reality". Writes Montague. So my theory is now introduced and confirmed. And why does my tests show the same genes show up in these cultures as well? To some it up, we will never have the answer. We can only assume. And you know what that does to you and me? We know more about King Tuts genes and ancestors, then we will ever know about the Hebrews genes. Ever! We just aren't interested in Hebrews. Also. Any Jew of today is of mixed euro-blood, and is now a gentile. God doesn't recognize the gentile in the Jewish bible. So there are no more Jews in reality. Long gone."-chipmaster86 (Youtube user)

Editor's Note: There are some things I take with a grain of salt like, "God doesn't recognize the gentile in the Jewish bible. So there are no more Jews in reality. Long gone." That quote, for example, is a bunch of nonsense. Neither does he have knowledge that "African-Americans" are part of the House of Israel and House of Judah. And that's fine, too. Perhaps it's not meant for him to know. But rest of the write-up is worth reading, along with the viewing of the video.

I discovered this video about how DNA can be modified and fabricated for purposes of incrimination of individuals accused of crimes. If this can be done in criminal cases, how much more for validating identity theft, such as the bogus "Jewish genetic studies" claiming Khazars to be Jews? As a Hebrew sister so wisely stated, " the time they let us know any of this information; they have had it for at least 50 or so years!!!!" Truth indeed.

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