Monday, September 27, 2010

The Inner Circle of American Colleges and Universities (EXCLUSIVE)

This seems as good a time as any to give you an inner circle of American colleges and universities. The sanctum of social power is found at these schools:

1) Princeton
2) Brown
3) Harvard
4) Yale
5) Dartmouth
6) Georgetown
7) Duke
8) Cornell
9) Stanford
10) University of Virginia
11) University of Michigan
12) University of California (Berkeley)
13) University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
14) Columbia
15) University of Pennsylvania
16) Vanderbilt
17) Williams
18) Amherst
19) Colgate,
20) and a tie between Boston College and Boston University.

There are other knots of power, but if training of national leadership is the relevant issue, not the training of minds willing to serve as instruments of a national leadership, then the twenty I’ve taken are the heart of the heart of caste in America...

Editor's Note: It's about Bloodlines with these people. Read the following Addendum:

As late as 1929, even with Mein Kampf in bookstalls telling the story of Aryans past and present, David Starr Jordan, president of Stanford, published his own guide to good blood, Your Family Tree. It provided in painstaking detail the descent of America’s new industrial aristocracy, from monarchs of great Aryan houses.

Abe Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, and John D. Rockefeller, said Jordan, came out of the house of Henry I of France; Ulysses S. Grant was in a line from William the Conqueror; Coolidge and Shakespeare descended from Charlemagne. William Howard Taft, J.P. Morgan, and Jordan himself from King David of Scotland! So it went.

Was this all just simple amusement or did the game have some implications for the rest of us not so blue-blooded? Who were these fabulous Aryans the scholars were talking about? What was this "Great Race"? The answers were to prove both fabulous and chilling.

This material was gathered from John Taylor Gatto's phenomenal book The Underground History of American Education, pp. 243-244.

Here's a video capturing the position of this author:

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