Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Holocaust Lie-Zionists Exposed

These invaders and occupiers of Palestine who are primarily from Poland (the cradle of Eastern European Jewry), Germany, Austria, Lithuania and Russia have the audacity to cry about their "Holocaust" when they are in fact more guilty than their co-religionist Adolf Hitler in the extermination of Gazans. (Yes, I am convinced that Hitler was a Jew, a self-hating one at that) We wait upon God to liberate a Land and restore a People. The Children of Israel have yet to be restored to their Land. These Edomite-Khazars are not the Children of Israel, they are not the Chosen People. These pale-faced pirates are the Synagogue of Satan. (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9)

DISCLAIMER: I am not a so-called "Holocaust" denier. It is true that Eastern European Jews perished in the Nazi concentration camps. This cannot be denied. What is not taught is that many suffered at the hands of the Ordieneist, Hitler's Jewish secret police. What is not true is that six million Jews died primarily by gas chambers. The six million number and the gas chamber assertion are historical myths and exaggerations. Hitler had no written program of extermination but of deportation.

Let's consult the following document for scientific historical proof: the confidential German Foreign Office memorandum of August 21, 1942 (Nuremberg document NG-2586-J. NMT green series, Vol. 13, pp. 243-249) states, "The present war gives Germany the opportunity and also the duty of solving the Jewish problem in Europe ," the memorandum notes. The policy "to promote the evacuation of the Jews (from Europe ) in closest cooperation with the agencies of the Reichsfuhrer SS [Himmler] is still in force." The memo noted that "the number of Jews deported in this way to the East did not suffice to cover the labor needs."

The document quotes German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop as saying that "at the end of this war, all Jews would have to leave Europe . This was an unalterable decision of the Fuhrer [Hitler] and also the only way to master this problem, as only a global and comprehensive solution could be applied and individual measures would not help very much."

The memorandum concludes by stating that the "deportations [of Jews to the East] are a further step on the way to the total solution . . . The deportation to the [Polish] General Government is a temporary measure. The Jews will be moved on further to the occupied [Soviet] eastern territories as soon as the technical conditions for it are given." This unambiguous document, and others like it, are routinely suppressed or ignored by those who uphold the Holocaust extermination story. (Cited from the independent researches of Mark Weber, THE HOLOCAUST: Let's Hear Both Sides)

Regarding the Gas Chamber fabrication the silenced Jewish revisionist historian David Cole states, "Now that I've gone through the Auschwitz main camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, Mauthausen, and Dachau , I feel even more secure in my position as a Revisionist that there exists no convincing evidence that Jews or anyone else were taken EN MASSE into gas chambers and killed by the Nazis at these camps. In fact, the remains that I inspected at the camp sites seem, in many different ways, to directly contradict these claims.

I returned to the United States with more than 25 hours of video footage from the camps. At Majdanek I uncovered obvious tampering with the buildings exhibited as gas chambers. This evidence was discovered when my attractive camerawoman busted a lock and got us into a room that is not open to tourists. There we were able to view several items in their original state, most notably the doors, which were clearly constructed to latch from both the outside AND the inside." (Cited from the independent researches of David Cole, A JEWISH REVISIONIST'S VISIT TO AUSCHWITZ, Presented at the Eleventh IHR Conference, October 1992)

History truly rewards those who labor to do the research.

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