Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Defamation (2009 Film)

"Anti-semitism...what's that mean? way, man...Jewish people control the world...of course." (as quoted by a Jew in this film) Abe Foxman and his organization the ADL (Anti-Defamtion League) are exposed in this film. The viewer will also witness the all-pervasive paranoia that exists in the Eastern European Jewish community. This particular film deals with the issue of "anti-Semitism" which is a politicized and intensely irrational misnomer. These so-called "Jews" are not Semites but have origins in a Turko-Finnish-Khazarian ancestry. The filmmaker Yoav Shamir is an "Israeli Jew" whose family emigrated from Russia during the early Zionist campaigns for colonization. I have done extensive research on who the real children of Shem, Abraham, and Israel are...and they are not these people. The visitor to this Site is encouraged to click on the links that reveal the true identity of the children of Israel. Much light has been shed through my independent research and I am trusting God to make the revelation fuller, brighter, clearer, and sharper than ever before in the coming weeks and months ahead. The concept of the lost tribes being a myth is a lie borne from the imaginations of the wicked.

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