Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PROPAGANDA! (Exclusive)

By Cairo Mars
Contributing Writer

I just watched the clips from “Bin Laden’s Funniest Home Videos” that were made public recently by our highly esteemed and trustworthy CIA , which is known for executing psychological operations and mind-control programming, as a result of what they tell us was a raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound by our Navy Seals and, I swear, that was the funniest bit of comedy I’ve seen in a minute. For starters, Bin Laden had been declared dead as a result of his kidney disease back in December of 2001 by the Pakistani government, their news media, Fox News, our FBI, and several of our government officials such as Madeline Albright, who was Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State. In fact, she is on record as having said that Bush, during his second term, was waiting for the most politically favorable moment to make the official announcement that Bin Laden was dead. Instead, that opportunity has been taken full advantage of by Mr. Hope and Change himself, Barack Obama. Now, among the video clips were outtakes with one of the impostors from the previously staged Bin Laden propaganda videos dying his beard and flubbing his lines while looking into the camera and reading a statement, ostensibly a call for jihad against America, that was meant to be delivered to Osama’s followers. Hysterically funny. The kicker was the footage of Osama Bin Lyin’ watching himself on TV. That was just classic. It was misdirection at it’s finest. Houdini would be proud. I was waiting for a cut to Tom Bergeron announcing the night’s winning video in front of a studio audience.

Hilarious.. Honestly, the orchestration of this hoax has just reached award-winning levels. It’s just absolutely ingenious how they‘ve crafted the new angles of the narrative with Bin Laden, the Islamic radical, detailing his homicidal musings in a diary whenever he wasn’t watching ample amounts of porn, or sending e-mails through a proxy. This slick bit of editorializing by the CIA is clearly designed to paint him as a narcissist and a hypocrite, and to increase the American public’s hatred for him. What’s not so funny at all is that it’s also for the very specific purpose of manufacturing our consent and support for the extended “war on terror” against Al Qaeda, who were created and controlled by the CIA during the ‘80s to help the Taliban in Afghanistan to combat the expansionist goals of Communist Russia. But in fact there is no war on terror. This is a neo-imperialist crusade designed to control precious natural resources in the Middle East and Africa, and to crush opposition to the elite globalists and their bankers who are funding this scheme for global centralization of power.

Our government stokes the flames of war and tribalism in foreign lands, funding those who will be amenable to our economic demands, and then they install puppet governments in those countries, who are actively anti-democratic. Freedom and democracy is what the oligarchs are against, not for. The most deviously effective weapon in this war economy is the mainstream media, which parrots the official lies without a question, ensuring control over the narrative and the information in the minds of average citizens who rely mostly on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc. for their news. These are some brilliantly diabolical minds we’re dealing with here. Even the ever-changing story regarding the raid and the disposal of “Bin Laden’s body" is designed to purposely confuse the public, and to demoralize us. This whole setup is a test to gauge our level of gullibility and loyalty and whether we’re ready to be further lied to and locked into the fear-based mind state that will cause us to give up more liberties for “security”. If this doesn’t show just how much contempt the ruling class has for the American public and for our dumbed down intellectual capacity as a result of our steady diet of junk TV, junk food, and junk information from our pathetic educational system which teaches us not to think critically, then I can’t think of a more blatant example. Oh wait..

..The official story is that this lone Muslim zealot orchestrated the circumvention of the most powerful national security apparatus on the face of the Earth with a dozen and a half of his foot-soldiers, armed with nothing but box-cutters, leading to the deaths of almost 3,000 people right here on American soil in the first instance in world history of skyscrapers collapsing from fires. And he did this from a cave in Afghanistan (!). I guess Osama just got lucky and caught us off-guard that day, right? ..Riiiight. The fact that so many Americans are just too scared to think critically and research the facts and study all the anomalies of that day plays right into the hands of the global kleptocrats that run America and the world, and who benefitted greatly from that horrific act of terror. We instead accept our government’s ridiculously implausible and illogical conspiracy theory regarding what happened that day. And now the Obama administration has stated that the charges have been dropped against Osama Bin Laden. But according to the FBI, there was never enough evidence to charge him in the first place, and Osama made a statement denying any responsibility immediately after the attacks. That’s the reason why we never actually charged him with orchestrating the horrific events of that fateful day.

The time has come for Americans to wake up and stop being afraid to seek the truth about what’s really happening in this country and in the world today, because the events of that day are the very reason why we’re fighting two wars with troops on the ground and several other wars in the Middle East and Africa where we’re bombing from the air, while we’re orchestrating the overthrow of governments under the guise of popular revolts. We have a duty to question our government when our soldiers are being commanded to risk their lives to invade sovereign nations and kill innocent citizens. And, sorry folks.. Our troops are not coming home anytime soon. But this is how governments and empires throughout history have expanded their power. America has never been any different. It’s the harsh truth. The lies and contradicting statements that our government officials have given us are designed to control our perception and dissuade us from thinking critically and asking hard questions. That’s exactly what propaganda is for.

Make no mistake. This so-called war on terror is an exercise in racism and white supremacy. The Western ruling elite feel entitled to dominate the entire planet, namely the lands of the Black and brown peoples of the world and the abundant resources that can be found therein. The official government propaganda that gets blared through the mainstream media projects a racist and false notion of Arab Muslims as bloodthirsty, anti-American terrorists. Fear is stoked incessantly, and personal prejudices are played upon. As a result, peaceful citizens are made into suspects and are profiled and even victimized all to justify the lie. Have we forgotten that it was less than fifty years ago when Black Americans were kidnapped, beaten, hanged, shot, burned at the stake, and had their homes and churches firebombed all under a reign of white supremacist terror that was fully sanctioned by the American government? The media for years promoted the idea that Blacks were somehow a major threat to the stability, order, safety, and morality of America, and white citizens felt that they deserved to be hunted down and killed as a means of punishment and control.

Have we become so calloused as a nation that we’re blind to the existence of the evil of racism that so thoroughly permeated American culture just two generations ago and still exists in merely different forms today? Fables and fantasies have been a convenient substitute for the truth in this country since its inception. We’re taught lies and tall tales about history from an early age, all to project specific ideals and belief systems that promote the false notion of American exceptionalism which is skewed against people of color, the oppressed, and the impoverished, and our media continues this projection well into our adulthood. It’s time for us to grow up, stop believing in fairy tales, and accept the harsh and hidden truths of America, and fight the fear and the racism that the rulers promote with love, truth, justice, and righteousness. Darkness cannot snuff out the light, but light can eliminate and illuminate the darkness. By the grace of God, the burgeoning movement toward global enlightenment is taking shape and getting stronger by the day. It’s now America’s turn.

Now that our Navy Seals, at the behest of the global plutocrats, have played pretend judge, jury, executioner, and mortician, it’s clear that as a bogeyman Bin Laden’s been priceless to their scheme. So while Americans numb their minds with “The Jersey Shore” and “Dancing with the Stars”, our masters are furthering their plans for the destruction of the dollar and of the middle class through their proxies at the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, and furthering their plans to centralize their global hegemony through the wholesale theft of precious natural resources from the Middle East and Africa. But hey, it’s only costing the lives of a few million innocent Black and brown people overseas and a couple thousand American soldiers who believe they’re fighting for a just cause, and the freedoms and liberties that are guaranteed us by our Constitution. Besides, Muslim extremists don’t hate us because we invade their countries under false pretenses, murder their citizens, build military bases on their land, and steal their resources. They hate us because of our freedom… Or so we’re told to believe.

Copyright © 2011 by Cairo Mars. All rights reserved.

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