Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Untold Secret of the NOI (EXCLUSIVE)

By Macquirelatory Jackson

The belief given to the public is that the Nation of Islam was founded in Detriot Michigan in July of 1930, by Wallace Fard Muhammad, when really it was founded in Chicago Illinois and formatted to be a religion by the Jesuits, which is a strong arm of the Roman Catholic Church. Anybody who understands the underhanded mechanics of the political structures of power, clearly knows that Chicago is ruled by the Archbishop of Chicago, which is a Cardnial. Thus knowing that, they know that the Nation of Islam couldn't have been established in Chicago without the Cardinal's approval, for it is under the control of the Jesuits. In order to be a leader of this false religion, you must go through High Level Shriner Freemasonry, in which Elijah was a 33rd degree Masonic Mason as well as Louis Farrakhan (Farra- CON). The Jesuits sets up over this religion a black male to become its public front cover leader after he's gone through high levels of Masonry, then uses them to zone in on the lawlessness and disorder of the black community, and have them promote to the public that its due to the failure of the government, which this then stirs up public opinion and embeds the seed of hate within white Americans thus laying the foundation for a future race war.

Then at the orders of the Elite, the government licensed them to have an army which I believe is still called "The Fruit of Islam", which then under the disguise of recruiting new converts to Islam, they make certain of their army officials to become ministers. Then have them go throughout the world, on the front side appearing as if they are setting up temples for new converts to Islam, when really the FBI who the Nation of Islam is also in pact agreement with, comes in to these cities and stock piles them with ammunition and guns, for the day when they begin to start the race war using Matthew 24 as pretext to nation against nation, which on another note, is one of the reasons why the Immigration Law was implemented in Arizona. Back to the topic, when this race war begins, the President at the order of the Elite can then implement Martial Law, suspend the Constitution, enact the King Alfred Plan and begin mass roundups of the minorites and those who choose to side with them against the Elite powers. This is how come in the King Alfred Plan, they know the minorities in each city will have ammunion and guns for a certain period of time to be able to fight off the local authorites and state authorites in power, because the FBI through the Nation of Islam has already laid the groundwork by stock piling major miniority cities with ammunion and guns, all under the pretext of setting up temples for new converts to worship Allah. Master plan isn't it?

The Elite educates and trains the leaders of the Nation of Islam thus making them privy to certain distorted Elite secret knowledge, so that they can have an advantage over the lawlessness and disorderly black community, thus making them appear as if they are somebody of power, when really they puppets with hands up their behinds to govern their mouth. So they use the leaders to focus on the misfortunes of the black people in America, to thus inflame them with hate to make them become agitators to the white power structure, then hands out to them the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion to also make fatherless black males become one with them, by showing them what the quote on quote white man has in store and is planning. Always remember, a people with no identity will do anything and join anything for a peace of serenity. So therefore, when you deceive a fatherless black male by such a method as this, you create a dual personality by way of infancy. This method shifts his reasoning for his conditions in life to being the result of the white man, thus instills in him rage and anger and hatred towards them for his misfortune. With every soldier there is a general that leads him, so the misguided fatherless black male then looks toward the leader of the Nation of Islam (Negroes Officially Illegal), as one who understands how he feels, and the leader provides him with comfort and assurance and a false image of love and brotherly affection, and he becomes a father figure in the fatherless black male eyes.

Now do you understand why many black males in the Nation of Islam are attached still to this day to Elijah M. as if he was God the Father? The whole time the Jesuits sit back and use these black people who hate white people, for their own destruction of themselves, by way of their created and funded hate the white man religion. When Malcolm X went to Mecca and witnessed for himself that what he had been taught in regards to others outside of the Nation of Islam was distorted, he begin to question the doctrine and authenticity of the Nation of Islam origin and its funding. When he begin to connect the dots and learned that the Nation of Islam was established and funded by the Jesuits for the sole reason I stated up above, the Jesuits gave the order for the FBI agents who operated under disguise as Nation of Islam members, to murder him. One thing that also shook Malcom X up, was that when in Mecca, he learned that King James was a black man by Arab scholars, which totally contradicted the teaching of the Nation of Islam which teach King James to be a white homosexual. The Nation of Islam exploits the black community to the highest degree, playing off their have nots as being the result of the white man instead of the result of their ancestors breaking the covenant with the Most High of Israel, thus having to suffer the curses written of throughout the bible for their actions.

Then they get the non ranking muslims, teach them that Islam means peace and is the root word of "al-Salaam,” which is “peace” in Arabic, but yet never teach them that an Arabic word only has one root. The root word for Islam is “al-Silm,” which means “submission” or “surrender", al-Silm (submission) does not mean the same thing as al-Salaam (peace), otherwise they would be the same word, but yet they can pass this off as truth due to the ignorance of the non ranking individuals. Peace is brought about often by forcing others to submission, which is how the so called black people ended up in the religion of Islam period by way of the Arab slave traders. So when you see brothers and sisters coming at you with joining the Nation of Islam hype, give them a hug and a bean burrito dipped in barbque sauce and tell them you love them, they simply just want to be loved and cared about and unaware of how badly they have been hoodwinked. Shalom
Remember, you saw it here first.

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