Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Malcolm X on the Israelites (EXCLUSIVE)

"We believe in the resurrection of the dead. We believe that the 20 million black people in America in the last day will be taught the truth. The trumpet of truth will sound in your ear, as its being sounding today. The trumpet of truth, and as truth strikes your ear, it strikes your heart, it will open your eyes, it will open your ears, it will make you stand up, it will do the same thing for you that truth did for the dry bones in the valley, because the picture of dry bones in the valley is talking about you, the picture of Lazarus laying dead four days is talking about you, you are Lazarus, you are the dry bones, you are the prodigal son, you are the lost sheep. You are the people about whom the Bible is speaking who will stand up in the last days when the trumpet is sounded. Black people are waking up, black people are standing up, black people are rising up!"
-Malcolm X
excerpt from Unity Rally Speech in Harlem, NY 1963

Editor's Note: Irrespective of Malcolm's religious beliefs, he was one of us, a true Hebrew who believed in the liberation of his people without moral compromise with the white power structure. I embrace him as a brother and I believe the Most High has vindicated him based on his quest for the truth. It is the Most High who saves anyway, it is not of our own works. Shalom.

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