Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zionism Unveiled's First Commemorative

Editor's Note:
July 31, 2010 commemorates Zionism Unveiled’s first anniversary of independent research and reporting. The investigation into international Jewish Zionism was the initial catalyst and theme of this work. However, inquiry into this complex and heavily nuanced issue, as I have discovered, opens the doors to other fields of investigative research, as well. My greatest triumph as a researcher has been the uncovering of who the real Biblical Israelites were and are today. This has been the crowning achievement of this Site. Everything else pales in insignificance when the facts are compared and weighed. The reader is encouraged to read my essays and links regarding the original Hebrew Israelites of the Bible and their descendants who are alive today. These articles and links will provide substantial insight and enlightenment on an area of study that is systematically suppressed by much of the mainstream scholastic community. And in light of that tragic reality, I say congratulations to Zionism Unveiled on a job well done...and the best is yet to come. Through one mind and heart at a time, we will triumph over the conspiracy of silence! All praises and adoration is due to the Most High God of Israel for His illumination on all matters pertaining to this age and the Age to come. This could not have been accomplished without His guidance and inspiration to search out such matters with diligence and integrity. The old adage of "History rewards those who do its research" rings true for me. Shalom.

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