Saturday, April 17, 2010

Author/Professor tells the truth about Israelites

This man tells the truth about who the true Hebrew Israelites are. The black Hebrew Israelite prophet Jeremiah assesses the condition of our people very accurately in his Lamentations, "Remember, O LORD, what is come upon us: consider, and behold our reproach. Our inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens. We are orphans and fatherless, our mothers are as widows. We have drunken our water for money; our wood is sold unto us. Our necks are under persecution: we labour, and have no rest. We have given the hand to the Egyptians, and to the Assyrians, to be satisfied with bread. Our fathers have sinned, and are not; and we have borne their iniquities. Servants have ruled over us: there is none that doth deliver us out of their hand. (5:1-8) We eagerly await the salvation of the Most High from our enemies.

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