Sunday, January 10, 2010

The 33 Degrees of Freemasonry

The practice of Freemasonry is all-pervasive in our world's political, business, and media structures. Its nuanced symbolism and occult science is thoroughly interwined within our international culture. What most people are not aware of is the degrees of initiation that exist within Freemasonry. There are 33. Nesta H. Webster in her book Secret Societies and Subversive Movements (pp. 145, 146, and 159) outlines them very clearly for the student of history:

Rite of Perfection
1.Entered Apprentice.
2.Fellow Craft.
3.Master Mason.
4.Secret Master.
5.Perfect Master.
6.Intimate Secretary.
7.Intendant of the Buildings.
8.Provost and Judge.
9.Elect of Nine.
10.Elect of Fifteen.
11.Chief of the Twelve Tribes.
12.Grand Master Architect.
13.Knight of the Ninth Arch.14.Ancient Grand Elect.
15.Knight of the Sword.
16.Prince of Jerusalem.
17.Knight of the East and West.
18.Rose-Croix Knight.
19.Grand Pontiff.
20.Grand Patriarch.
21.Grand Master of the Key of Masonry.
22.Prince of Libanus or Knight of the Royal Axe.
23.Sovereign Prince Adept.
24.Commander of the Black and White Eagle.
25.Commander of the Royal Secret
26.Prince of Mercy.
27.Sovereign Commander of the Temple.
28.Knight of the Sun.
29.Grand Scotch Knight of St. Andrew.
30.Grand Elect Knight of Kadosch.
31.Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander.
32.Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret.
33.Sovereign Grand Inspector-General.

A Note on the Square, Compass, and "G": The Square represents the Earth, which is symbolic of earthly, superficial knowledge. The Compass is representative of the the Heavens and the orbits of the planetary bodies. The Compass embodies the deep hidden knowledge of Freemasonry. What is very revealing about the Compass is that it is set above the Square. In other words, within the philosophical paradigm of Freemasonry, esoteric knowledge takes precedence over visible, superficial knowledge. In fact, to the enlightened Freemason, superficial knowledge, that which we can see and comprehend with the natural mind is simply an illusion. The "G" is the Grand Architect who is expressed as none other than Lucifer himself. And this is the mind that rules the world. Zionism is a mere expression of this demonic power. And finally, the meshing of the three symbols represent the coexistence and co-dependence of superficial and esoteric knowledge with the Grand Architect being at their center and Kabbalistic root. In some depictions, the "G" wraps itself the Square and Compass, signifying the Grand Architect's full possession of this knowledge. From the very beginning, it has been about knowledge with Satan. It was with knowledge that he deceived Adam and Eve and it is through knowledge that he is destroying this world. May Yah keep us!

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