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No Heritage Seeker, The Genuine Article


If Blacks were going to steal someone's history, they would try to steal the history of a people who is favored by mankind and God, not a people who is despised like the Jews. (Also, biblically, it would be better to just remain sons of Kush).

Blacks, being despised themselves, would not choose another despised group to be.

However, today, everyone wants to claim to be the chosen of the MIGHTY ONE (EL). Could this be the reason so many Blacks are insisting that they are the ancient Israelites?

The Egyptians were not chosen by ELOHIM (MIGHTY ONES). Why then are Blacks also claiming that the ancient Egyptians were Blacks and the Fathers of African Cultures?

Blacks have learned to feel a close kinship to all other black people, e.g. Egyptians, Israelites, Ethiopians, Canaanites, Elamites, Moors, Himyarites, Dravidians -- all black-skinned people for no other reasons than skin color. Yet, many are claiming to be the direct descendants of Israel. Why?

Via America television and text books, Blacks have receive nothing but vulgar and negative information about Blacks in the world. Today, as we learn more about our past, without doubt, Blacks are extremely enthusiastic about learning that the so-called third world was actually the first world, the first kingdoms and the beginning of civilization -- not the end as suggested by modern writers and not the beginning of learning for the first time as suggested by the European Education System.

And so with new freedoms and abilities, Blacks began to research the past and examine extant records themselves, not just the edited records allowed in classrooms.

Based on ancient records provided by ancient European scholars and supported by modern European Scholars (e.g. Volney and [Champollion the Elder]), many blacks began to claim ancient Egypt and ancient Israelites as ancestors.

The curse of Israel (Deut. 28), in the mind of Blacks, better describe their position in the world than the suggestion that Blacks were the ancient Canaanites, cursed to servitude by Noah.-(Emphasis added by Editor)

Research led to the discovery of others such as the Blackamoors (Moors), Himyarites, etc. Blacks were not looking for a particular people. They were looking for their past before slavery. They were looking for themselves -- their ancestors. They were simply looking for life before slavery in America -- life before the carving of Africa by Europeans.

Many say to us, stick to your own history over stealing others. According to them, our history began with slavery by the Arabs and the Europeans. This is the only history we have been allowed to learn. Yet, we are supposed to be the oldest living race on the planet.

We knew we had a life before this and we were determined to find it.

We found scholars discussing and writing about the race of Egyptians and Hebrews as Blacks long before we knew anything about Egypt or Israel, accept what we were told by our enslavers. In other words, Europeans where saying, even then, that they (Egyptians and Hebrews) were Negroes. At the same time, others were disagreeing, long before the enslaved offspring of Blacks in America and France came to the table.

(Diop in his book entitled The African Origin of Civilization; showed how ridiculous the arguments were. He gave them space and examined them. Even then certain Europeans did not want to believe that this "ignorant looking creature"; (in his mind) was the origin of anything positive.

To suggest that Blacks, who quote these people and who have found evidence to support the findings of these people, are simply stealing the history of others, is simply more stubborn denial. Many really need to believe that we were wild beasts before slavery. Nevertheless, history does not support this. The European camps on the subject, however, remain divided. But to simply cry "thievery" is misleading and deliberate denial.

I don't think anyone would trust the Nazis to write the history of the Jews during the Nazi Regime. We ask the same here. Only white enslavers and robbers of Africa have written about Africa. Those [Whites and Arabs] who wrote about [Egyptians as Blacks] and Israelites [as Blacks] have been omitted from the general text books, but not destroyed.

When modern scholars, historians, and anthropologists found so much of the Old Testatment culture alive and surviving in African cultures, they began looking for "a white source"; They explain it today in this manner. They do not say it does not exist. They simply describe it as "Jewish Influence." The term creates a picture of European Jews bringing the culture to Africans, even though the cultures are older than that which European Jews practice.

Blacks even found a reverse. They found Black Hebrews taking the faith to Europe and Black Christians among the early fathers. They are not claiming that all early Chrisitian fathers were black, only some. Blacks also found martyrs of Israelites who refused the beliefs of the Romans. They also found Black Christians who refused to worship Roman gods [and where martyred]. This, we have never read about in the education chosen for us.

Nevertheless, history has led many Blacks to believe that Black Americans were descendants of ancient Hebrews from West Africa where the Israelite culture is very strong. They call it Hebrewism.

Many Blacks claim descendants of Egyptians for the same reasons, as well as similarities in language and appearance. Both, Egyptians and Israelites, have left historical records to suggest that they were "of the Black African people", not European people.

Editor's Note: I am certain that this article is a rebuttal of a book written by a Israel Joshua Gerber entitled The Heritage Seekers: American Blacks in Search of Jewish Identity(1977). According to one author's assessment of the book, it is a condescending, racist work of disinformation. In it he asserts the misguided notion that American blacks are seeking a heritage, which is ironically really their own, and simutaneously ignores the European Jews' Khazarian past. I will continue to maintain at this site that the modern-day white Jew is an imposter, a Johnny-come-lately, whose ancestors are from Russia and Germany and not Eretz Cana, now called Medina Israel, literally "a State of Israel." The modern white Ashkenzic Jew has no historical link to the biblical patriarchs Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. They are in reality Khazarian Edomites, thus making the so-called "Law of Return" a laughable farce!

History of The Hebrew Language

The Hebrew Language was originally adopted by the Israelites when they settled in the land of Canaan west of the Jordan River in Palestine. Ancient Hebrew dates as a living language from the 12th to the 2nd century BC. The original Hebrew alphabet consisted only of consonants. Vowel signs and other features were created after the 5th century AD. Mishnaic or rabbinic Hebrew succeeded Ancient Hebrew.

It was solely a written language but was more adaptable to practical use than biblical Hebrew. The vocabulary and syntactic innovations were strongly Aramaic, and words were borrowed from Greek, Latin, and Persian. When Jews moved to Palestine in the 19th century, Hebrew was revived as a spoken language.

Modern Hebrew was declared the official language of Israel in 1948. It has an alphabet of 22 characters; the vocabulary is based on biblical Hebrew and the syntax on Mishnaic Hebrew. Hebrew ceased to be the common language of the Jews long before the life of Christ.

A Jewish scholar by the name of Eliazar ben Yehuda began working earlier in this century in Israel, in his attempt to revive the dead language of Hebrew with its original seven thousand words related to Temple worship as used by the priests. He invented thousands of new words for fountain pen, airplane, etc.

Ultimately, Eliazar created modern Hebrew as the living language of five million Israelis.

Source: Encarta, © 1997-1999 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved; The Signature of God, Grant R. Jeffrey Contributed

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